Theme play – Moodboards

Ever had an idea for a craft but you never get the result you want? I got a small tip for you.  Whether you want to redesign a room, make or paint furniture, or do anything else your afraid to mess up:

Make a moodboard!

A moodboard is a themed collage with the pictures and colors you like. It’s great to stay in theme, to get a grip on what you want to achieve or to get new inspiration.

You can get really creative with it. If you like the pictures, but not so much all the work of putting a collage together, use Pinterest! Just make a new board with all the inspiration for your project. This is something you can fall back on later in your project. And don’t you just love browsing the web for the exactly right picture? (I know I do!)

Some tips/ guidelines:

  • A MOODboard doesn’t need to have pictures of what you want to make, it can just show the mood or theme you want to achieve.
  • Be careful to choose pictures in the color theme you want, anything not matching wil pop out and make your board indistinct.
  • Use lines and shapes! Diagonal lines give a dynamic effect, while a more chaotic composition can give a whole different effect.
  • Use more than pictures, play with textures for example. Use fabrics, leaves, feathers or small pieces of a material to add that little extra to your board.
  • Add buttons or others small objects fitting your theme.
  • Too much text is a big no-no! Small motto’s or words give a better and more readable result.



Please Comment what you think, or link to boards you find inspiring.  – M

Shabby glam moodboard- love the hand lettering and rustic chic look of this branding!
Playing with geometry
Things will work out.
Chaotic style board

What do you think?

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